Our peeler is working with our most important clients with bars up to 1200 mm long, which can be made wider if needed. It’s processing up to 800 bars/hour.
The machine extracts the skin and ends of the sausage by different conduits. It is designed and built for continuous work and most demanding cleaning.
We have add a feature which is fundamental for the correct functioning of the peeler, and that is the moistening point, which needs to homogenize all products to be supplied in the same conditions, moreover, the machine needs to be adaptable to the different kind of products.


Arctecno cutting machines have ultrasound equipment
which allows cutting at great perfection.
They are totally clean and this allows cutting different
products without blending flavors.
Due to the micro-vibrations of the blades they are nearly
always completely clean and the cut is fine and sharp.
With ultrasonic cutting machines it is possible to cut many different products.
There are several models of cutters- of one top, two tops or more. These cut in different ways:
-Circular, for wedge cuts of round products.
– Oblique cuts for rectangular or square products.
The movements of these stations are continuously linked with the engine of the
conveyor belt. This way they perfectly synchronize to the speed input of the product. All our cutter models are equipped with the latest servomotor and numerical control technology.



TMM300 – Our conveyor belts are made according to the highest safety and handling. They are made of stainless steel. Different kind of bands can be used, it can be of fabric, plastic…
The cleaning is very simple which allows to keep clean the product just as required in food processing.
We have standard designs and personalized designs, allowing the customer to make their own layout depending on their working area and resource.


Thanks to the latest high technology and our highly skilled engineers, we thoroughly assess every customer after studying their needs. The Technical and Sales Department will offer exclusive service obtaining the most adequate equipment at a very competitive price.
ARCTECNO contributes a unique value to your project. The Technical Department will make the design, and once this one is accepted by the customer it goes to production, with a delivery time previously agreed.


ARCtecno offers services related to the products it manufactures, do not hesitate to contact us for information.

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One of our most important questions currently is how to innovate, this is our challenge (creativity and innovation), looking for the best solution to the industrial needs of our customers.


Manage and design the ideas or needs of our customers, using the best components, with the highest quality to get the best results.


We design and manufacture our own equipment for the meat industry. Our aim is to create versatile equipment, highly automatized, hygenic, safe, environmental friendly, and designed to decrease production expenditure. All to improve competitiviness in the meat industry worldwide.


A good idea, a functional and advanced design, and professional manufacturing allow us to offer a guarantee for good functioning, good material and excellent results. Always thoroughly following CE, 3A and USDA regulation.

Engineering / Production:

Arctecno Olot

C/. Alba Rosa, nº50
Olot, Girona – 17800
Tel.: 972280650

Headquarters / Administration:

Arctecno Llagostera

Pol.Ind. c/ Migjorn 11,
Llagostera, Girona – 17240
Tel.: 972831919

Pilot Plant:

Arctecno Riudellots

Pol.Ind. Les Ferreries
Cami Vell de Riudellots 1-3
17459 Campllong (Girona)
Tel: 972 47 88 88